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Your media products from Master & Servant

Master & Servant is a top name in media production. We make first-class products and offer a complete manufacturing service for analogue and digital data carriers. We produce the audio and video media for many successful artists and leading independent labels, and we would be happy to offer this service to you.

Our audio mastering studio in Hamburg is one of the best in the industry. With top-quality acoustics, cutting-edge technology and sound engineering expertise, we can perfect the final sound of any music production.

Are you familiar with our work? If not, how about getting yourself a cup of coffee and taking a few minutes to look through our website? Here, we share some useful information about our work, give you the inside story on the industry and aim to offer a clear picture of how we may be able to help you.

Media Manufacturing

We are a great media manufacturing partner. We make media that looks and sounds the way you want it to.

With creative product development, professional production handling and manufacturing to the highest standards, we deliver audio media of unrivalled quality. We produce vinyl records and optical discs in all formats, as well as a full range of print products and media packaging.

Music Mastering

We are your music mastering experts, and we have the skills to make your music production the very best it can be.

With our artistry, knowledge and the use of cutting-edge technology, we can create edits with a compelling sound. These then serve as the basis for impeccable sounding and technically accurate production masters for vinyl, compact disc, streaming and social media.

What we offer you

No matter whether you come to us with a vague idea or you already have a clear vision for your product − we will make it into a reality. We can pick up the project at whatever stage you have reached and confidently carry out the next necessary steps. With brilliant ideas and the expertise that comes from years of experience, we will bring your project to a successful conclusion. Have a look around and learn more about our range of media manufacturing and audio mastering services. We offer everything detailed below − and much more.

We press vinyl in all formats and designs. We offer records in classic black made from 100% virgin vinyl or as a bespoke product with a custom weight, size, shape and colour.

For music, audiobooks, data or films in Full HD: we manufacture optical discs in the form of audio CDs, MP3-CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

We manufacture high-quality print products, media packaging and bespoke custom-made items for vinyl records and all digital data carriers.

We place our creativity, expertise and top-class technology at your service to put the finishing touches to your music and give it the great sound it deserves.

We use our expertise to create great-sounding and precise production masters that are optimised for cutting vinyl, pressing optical discs or digital distribution.

We can breathe new life into historical recordings using advanced technology and our sure instinct for this kind of work. Additionally, we are also able to remove blemishes of all kinds from modern audio.

What Sets Us Apart | Master & Servant


Year established

We have learned a lot about media production in the three decades that we have been in business, and today we are happy to bring our expertise to bear wherever it is required.


Satisfied customers

We have a straightforward way of working and do not shy away from voicing our opinions. That is why both music executives and creatives place their trust in us.



After completing so many projects, we can honestly say that there is probably no challenge in the industry that we have not faced and overcome at least once.

Some clients | Master & Servant

A-ha | Sarah Brightman | Melanie C | Sarah Connor | Missy Elliott | Frankie Goes To Hollywood | Enrique Iglesias | Kyuss | Laibach | Al Di Meola | Nena | Chris Norman | Marceo Parker | The Residents | Busta Rhymes | Scorpions | Tuxedomoon | Kim Wilde | Yello

Our partners trust us | Master & Servant

We are inspired by the trust that artists, media producers and record companies place in us. Being given free rein allows us to follow our instincts and work with an open mind. We give our best to each and every project. Of course, this means putting in the necessary work, but it is also a process that brings us a great deal of joy and fulfilment.

When it comes to music mastering, thousands of productions − both large and small − have gone out into the world from our studio. More than 550 of these releases have made it into the charts in Germany alone, and dozens of them went gold or platinum. Other productions have become recognised independent classics that have made outstanding artistic and cultural contributions.

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