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We press your compact discs

Nowadays, CDs have to share the marketplace with other types of digital media. However, in a world dominated by digital online formats, this physical medium is increasingly being perceived as an object of value again. Forty years after it was first brought onto the market, the compact disc is on the verge of experiencing a renaissance as an exclusive premium product. With this in mind, we focus on the creation of particularly high-end compact discs.

We approach every project with the same high level of enthusiasm, no matter whether it is a limited edition CD release, an exquisite box set or a high-volume hit. We can advise on all questions regarding format, material or features. Because for every product type, we have enough ideas at the ready to make each of your CD projects truly unique. Together we can create CDs that will hold special significance and value for the buyer.

Exquisitely packaged Compact Discs

Consumers who opt for a physical medium rather than choosing a digital option have at least two good reasons for doing so. Firstly, of course, the sound quality of a compact disc is superior to that of streamed music. But what is presumably more important is the added value that comes from acquiring a physical data medium in its own custom-designed packaging. So it makes perfect sense to create a particularly attractive product that will be more valuable because of the way it is packaged and presented.

There is no question that well-presented products have more shelf appeal, and packaging with an attractive look and feel is often the deciding factor in a customer’s media purchasing decision. This is where we can make a real difference to the success of your releases. With our print products and packaging solutions, we can offer a cornucopia of product design options that are both artistically appealing and have an effective impact on sales.

Compact discs in reference grade quality

Not all CD pressings are created equal. That is why we want to make our commitment to quality clear. The compact discs you order from us will be among the best you can have. Our manufacturing partner uses the highest quality raw materials, has industry-leading expertise in technical manufacturing and is in possession of some of the most modern machinery in Europe. The CDs and other optical data media formats that we supply are all ‘Made in Germany’.

The quality of our optical discs is demonstrated by both their impeccable mechanical processing and their high data integrity. For example, they have minimal block error and jitter rates. The specific advantages of these product features that you will benefit from include error-free data content, 100% compatibility with playback devices and a long product life span. And all this is complemented by the aesthetic quality of our discs, with a look and feel second to none.

Compact discs in all formats

  • Audio CDs for music program
  • MP3 CDs for audio books and similar products
  • CD-ROMs for computer program and all types of data
  • 80-mm mini CDs
  • 120-mm standard CDs
  • Colour CDs
  • Vinyl-style CDs
  • Freestyle CDs

Print finishing

The surface treatment of the raw disc involves first printing the label and then sealing the surface. These processes give the silver disc its familiar look and feel. A suitably chosen and carefully executed surface finish contributes to the overall impression that your CD is a product of quality.

We offer two high-grade processes for CD printing. If you would like to achieve an intricate or photorealistic look, we recommend traditional offset printing. For motifs in a more graphic style, the tried-and-tested process of screen printing can create a striking and quite distinctive look.

Surface finishing

Once the motif has been printed, a final coating is applied to seal the surface of the CD and give the print luminosity and gloss. We offer various coatings for surface sealing, from silk matt to high gloss, each with its own aesthetic appeal.

For sophisticated artwork, we can offer additional options such as printing with metallic or spot colours. With certain motifs, a partial coating can really catch the eye. A vinyl-look CD is another option that is both appealing and unusual.

CD Premaster

The CD premaster in DDP format that you supply us with serves as a production template for the subsequent manufacturing process. If your data is not yet available in the correct form, we can take care of all the necessary aspects of production in our mastering studio and create a production master that meets our specifications. Starting from the CD pre-master, which is basically just a digital dataset, we produce the physical glass master, which in turn is used as the CD stamper in the actual duplication process.  Read more

Your benefits at a glance

  • Compact discs in all formats and designs
  • Excellent technical, optical, haptic quality of the data carrier
  • Your CDs are manufactured at one of the best factories
  • Reference quality “Made in Germany”
  • Short delivery time even for long runs
  • Professional analysis of your audio data in our studio
  • Glass mastering, pressing and printing at the same facility
  • Numerous media packaging styles abd customised solutions
  • State-of-the-art pressing, printing and packaging technology
  • Great prices thanks to order bundling

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