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Smooth production handling

We know what our customers want because, after three decades in media production, we know our business inside out. This allows us to work in harmony with our industry colleagues and offer you seamless production handling.

Those who are new to media production or clients from other industries appreciate our sound advice and helpful support. We consider their needs and circumstances and align our approach accordingly, with knowledge sharing being an important element of our corporate culture.

We make your vision a reality

Our work usually begins with a project meeting. This allows us to discuss the nature of your desired product and clarify aspects such as possible designs, technical feasibility or available materials. We are always willing to explore options that may not immediately be obvious but which have the potential to make your product truly exceptional.

We can advise you in face-to-face meetings, but once we have a well-established working relationship, a chat on the phone is often enough. If we have just started working together, we will take the time to get to know your plans and projects. This will enable us to learn more about your expectations and requirements, as well as helping us to understand the specifics of your way of working.

Careful planning is half the battle

If the production masters are already in progress or the release date has already been set, we will book the appropriate production slots for your project at our production facilities. Good scheduling is important in order to make the best possible use of our production capacities, which are sometimes oversubscribed. Above all, it is particularly important that certain production steps, such as vinyl cutting, the delivery of print products or final packaging, be carried out on a just-in-time basis for the sake of quality assurance.

We have dozens of projects in production at any given time, so we use dedicated planning software to help us maintain a clear overview of all processes and production steps. For example, our planning system will immediately flag up if a component of your current production misses a deadline and we have to adjust the production plan. This enables us to meet promised delivery dates even if problems or unforeseen challenges present themselves.

Outstanding performance is the key

We routinely check the audio or data masters you supply in our mastering or authoring studio for format fidelity and content plausibility. Similarly, our pre-press expert checks incoming print data for the correct specifications and any superficial errors. If we discover any shortcomings at this stage, there is still enough time for the necessary improvements to be made without holding up production.

Once all the production templates are fit for purpose, we organise the production of the individual components and monitor the subsequent production processes. Taking vinyl records as an example, the entire procedure includes: record cutting, electroplating, making a test pressing, printing the labels, producing the various printed materials, manufacturing all parts of the media packaging, pressing the edition, final packaging and preparation for shipping.

Delivery of your merchandise

Once production is complete, we check the quality of the individual product components one last time and ensure that they have been correctly assembled into impeccable ready-for-sale merchandise. If we find everything to be exactly as ordered, we wait for you to give the go-ahead and then begin distributing your brand-new media product.

We ship your product directly from the factory to your distribution partners worldwide without any transport detours or loss of time. We also deal with the obligatory formalities such as the preparation of pro forma invoices, freight documents or customs declarations. We ship the goods in accordance with your routing order or with a carrier we know and trust.

We consider the production handling for your media product to be complete once we receive confirmation that your goods have arrived safely at their destinations.

your benefits at a glance

  • Competent advice
  • Creative project development
  • Professional planning
  • Comprehensive production handling
  • Quality management
  • Logistics services
  • We know the music industry inside out
  • Networks with manufacturers and music companies
  • Strong position towards the factories
  • Knowledge transfer to our customers

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We ensure that the entire manufacturing process is simple, clear and unbureaucratic, and we believe that anything important is best discussed in person. Please use this form to obtain an initial overview of the production costs for your media product.

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