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Production Handling

We know what our customers want – and we should, given the fact that we’ve been in the media manufacturing business for three decades now. Our knowledge and experience also help ensure smooth cooperation with our partners in the industry. Production handling

Both media production novices and customers from other industries appreciate the sound advice and helpful support we give them. We consider their needs and circumstances and align our approaches accordingly, and we’re also happy to share our expertise, as knowledge sharing is an integral part of our corporate culture.

We bring your vision to life

Our work begins with the initial project meeting, in which we discuss the nature of the envisioned product and its features and clarify aspects relating to the specific versions or designs to be considered, the technical feasibility of these and the materials available to transform your vision into reality. We also always examine possible alternatives that may not be apparent at first, but which have the potential to make your product truly exceptional.

We can offer you our advice in meetings, or we can make use of other forms of collaboration, including informal conversations on the phone. If we’ve only just started working together, we’ll take the time needed to get better acquainted with your projects. This is how we learn to understand your wishes and expectations, and explore the specifics of your repertoire.

Careful planning is half the battle

If the production masters are already being worked on, or if the release date has already been set, we will book suitable production slots for your project at the facilities. Effective scheduling is important for ensuring optimal utilisation of tight production capacities. Some production steps, such as vinyl cut, the delivery of printed materials, and final packaging, should be carried out just-in-time in order to ensure consistently high quality.

We manage dozens of projects simultaneously at any given time, which is why we use dedicated planning software to help us maintain a clear overview of all processes and process steps. For example, our planning system alerts us immediately if a component of your project has missed a deadline and we therefore need to adjust the production plan. This means we can guarantee your scheduled release date even if we encounter problems or unforeseen challenges.

Outstanding performance is the key

We use our mastering studio or authoring studio, as the case may be, to check the plausibility of the audio or data masters you provide us with and ensure they’re in the right format. Our pre-print processing experts also check your printing data to make sure the right specifications were used and that there are no errors. This way, even if we discover a problem, we still have enough time to make the necessary improvements.

Once we’ve determined that everything is the way it needs to be, we begin organising production of the individual components. After that, we manage all the subsequent production processes. For a vinyl record, for example, these include: record cutting, electroplating, creation of a test pressing, label printing, production pressing, production of printed materials, production of all media packaging components, final packaging and packing for shipment.

We distribute your merchandise

After production has been completed, we check the quality of the components and make sure your product is perfectly packaged and ready to be sold. Once we’ve determined that everything is the way you wanted it to be, we wait for your go-ahead to begin distributing your brand-new merchandise, which we ship straight from the factory to your sales partners in Germany, Europe or overseas – with no unnecessary stops or detours.

We also manage all formalities here, such as shipping documents, pro-forma invoices and customs declarations. We ship your merchandise in line with your routing order or else commission a contractor that we know and trust. We consider our production handling for you to have been completed only after we receive confirmation that your merchandise has arrived safely at its destination.

your benefits at a glance

  • Profound advice
  • Creative project development
  • Professional planning
  • Comprehensive production handling
  • Quality management
  • Logistics services
  • We know the music industry inside out
  • Strong networks with manufacturers and music companies
  • Strong position vis-à-vis the production facilities
  • Frank knowledge transfer to our customers
  • Assistance with all problems

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