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We press your vinyl records

Nowadays, it seems that music lovers once again want a physical product that they can hold in their hands. They want to be able to look at it, see it spinning and hear the soft crackle of the vinyl. The unique look, feel and acoustics of the vinyl record form a soothing counterpoint to the sober uniformity of the digital music world.

Today’s buyer of vinyl is not in the market for a cheap product. Rather, they are looking for something special; a valuable and physically durable object. We can offer all this and more. We will work with you to develop the perfect concept and manufacture your vinyl records in a quality that is simply unsurpassable.

It does not matter whether we are dealing with a select edition being released in limited numbers, a hit with a large production run or a product from your current release schedule. We approach each individual project with the same level of dedication and diligence. Our attention to detail is exceptional, and we extend the same degree of focus to the entire vinyl product.

We manufacture vinyl records in all sizes and styles

We press your records in all available formats: 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch, in classic black or in any one of more than forty other vinyl colours. In addition, we offer special-edition vinyl discs manufactured to your exact specifications.

We press vinyl records in the standard 140-gram vinyl or using 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. We can offer the virgin vinyl so beloved of audiophiles or, alternatively, environmentally friendly Re-Vinyl. And if you would like to take your product to the next level, we can even manufacture die-cutting tools to create shaped vinyl based on your own motif.

We press top-quality records

Most pressing plants in Europe work with machinery that is almost half a century old. And in some places, the available specialist knowledge − which is also essential for high-quality production − is just as outdated as the machines. We are all familiar with pressings of mediocre quality and the unspectacular sound they produce.

This is a great pity because records today have the potential to sound even better than they did in their heyday. The improved quality is made possible by the new technologies available in audio mastering, electroplating and replication. And, fortunately, modern high-tech pressing machines have also become available in recent years.

This is an interesting topic, but it is not something you really have to worry about. Because the discs you order from us will be made of 100% virgin vinyl and pressed by seasoned professionals on the best machines in Europe. You will receive top-quality vinyl records that have been made in Germany.

We manufacture vinyl records in all colours and shapes

Black Vinyl | Coloured Vinyl | Corona Vinyl | Etched Vinyl | Inkspot Vinyl | Marbled Vinyl | Picture Disc | Propeller Vinyl | Shaped Vinyl | Splatter Vinyl | Split Vinyl | Vinyl with push-out center | Re-Vinyl

Masterful vinyl cutting

We use the lacquers or DMM plates you supply as the production template for our manufacturing process. If only a digital vinyl master is available, then so much the better – we can cut the master discs for you as well.

For this, you can count on what is very likely the most experienced cutting team in the country. Depending on the nature of the content or your personal preference, we will transfer your digital master onto a nitrocellulose lacquer disc or direct-to-metal onto a copper plate. Each method has its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

The discs or plates are used to create the stampers; the metal plates can be galvanised directly, while a multistage electroforming process is required for the lacquers. You can assure yourself that the cutting, electroplating and the production of the stamper have been carried out with accuracy and precision by checking the test pressing that is supplied as standard prior to the start of batch production.

Vinyl record packaging

The perfect cover is what transforms a simple vinyl disc into a real record. We have all the resources you could possibly need to create truly impressive vinyl record packaging as we manufacture all of the standard products for record sleeves and print inserts.

However, we are also in a position to offer your customers the added bonus of a product that is something really special. To achieve this, you can select from a wide range of premium products and print finishes. And for unique projects, we can offer custom designs meeting your exact specifications.

Your print products will be manufactured at the same location as your vinyl records. This avoids unnecessary shipping and allows us to shorten delivery times and improve prices. And above all, it helps us to safeguard the quality of your products and protect vulnerable printed goods from microdamage.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Vinyl records in all formats, shapes and colours
  • Your records are manufactured at the best pressing plant
  • Our vinyl records are made in Germany
  • Standard pressing is made from pure virgin vinyl
  • Re-vinyl is made from 100% recycled PVC
  • Lacquer cutting or DMM mastering in an outstanding studio
  • Problems solved internally: cutting  > electroplating > pressing
  • Complete solutions for attractive media packaging
  • Integrated printing services offer benefits
  • Short delivery times
  • Great prices thanks to order bundling

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