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We press Vinyl Records

These days, it appears that music lovers once again want to be able to hold something in their hands – something they can watch go round and round on a turntable and which also makes a slight crackling noise when they play it. Vinyl Records have their own unique feel, appearance and sound and offer a pleasant contrast to the uniformity of digital music.

Today’s Vinyl Record customers are not looking for an inexpensive product, but instead something special and valuable that they can hold on to for a long time. We have everything you need to satisfy such customers. We work together with you to develop specific concepts and manufacture Vinyl Records of the highest possible quality.

Whether it’s select limited editions or records for a mass audience – the high degree of dedication and diligence we bring to the table is always the same. And while we love to immerse ourselves in all the details, we never lose sight of the big picture – which is to create a product that you can be proud of.

We manufacture Vinyl Records in all sizes and styles

We press your Vinyl Records in all formats: 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch, in classic black or in any one of 44 other colours. We also manufacture customised Vinyl Records in line with your specific wishes and requirements.

We press standard 140-gram Records as well as heavyweight Vinyl Records (180 grams) using audiophile Virgin Vinyl or environmentally friendly 100% Recycled Vinyl. As if all that weren’t enough, we also manufacture customised punching tools for shaping Vinyl Records in line with your own designs.

Top-quality Vinyl Record pressing

Most of the Vinyl pressing plants that still exist in Europe use machines that are half a century old – and the knowledge in the industry is sometimes just as outdated.

This is a shame, since Vinyl Records today can actually sound even better than they did in their heyday. This high sound quality is made possible by new technologies used for mastering, electroplating and replication. An increasing number of new, modern pressing machines have also become available again over the last few years.

None of this need concern you, however, since all the records we produce are made of 100% Virgin Vinyl and are pressed by experienced professionals using the best machines in Europe. It’s Vinyl made in Germany!

We manufacture Vinyl Records in all colours and shapes

Black Vinyl | Coloured Vinyl | Corona Vinyl | Etched Vinyl | Inkspot Vinyl | Marbled Vinyl | Picture Disc | Propeller Vinyl | Shaped Vinyl | Splatter Vinyl | Split Vinyl | Vinyl with push-out center | Re-Vinyl

We offer top-class Vinyl Record cutting services

The transfers you provide are used as production masters. If only a vinyl master is available – well that’s even better, since in that case we’ll also handle the transfer for you. Here, you can count on what is very likely the most experienced cutting team in the country. Depending on the nature of the programme involved and/or your personal preferences, we can transfer either to lacquer foil or to copper using DMM.

This transfer serves as the basis for creating pressing tools using the electroplating process. You can see for yourself how accurate these tools are by observing the test pressing that is commonly performed prior to the start of batch production.

We provide beautiful packaging for Vinyl Records

You can take advantage of all our skills and talent when it comes to designing truly impressive Vinyl Record packaging. We produce all different types of covers, sleeves, booklets, slipcases, boxes, box sets and fan box sets, as well as wood, metal and plastic packaging.

We also supply packaging in spot colours and with punches, raised surfaces and many other surface refinements. We thus make it possible for you to give your product that little extra something – and offer your customers something truly special.

All of your benefits at a glance

  • Vinyl Records in all formats and designs
  • Reference quality you can count on – made in Germany
  • Your Records are manufactured at the best pressing plant in Europe
  • Great prices thanks to order bundling
  • Lacquer cutting or direct metal mastering in an outstanding studio
  • Full-range product portfolio > Vinyl in all formats and colours
  • Pressing with 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Pressing with 100% Recycled Vinyl
  • Problems solved internally > Cutting, electroplating , pressing
  • Complete solutions for attractive media packaging
  • Integrated printing services ensure smooth production and offer you added benefits
  • We offer climate-neutral production as a member of the ClimatePartner programme

Get a quote for vinyl records

We explain everything about the manufacturing process and keep things simple for you. If there’s anything important to talk to you about, we will get in touch with you personally. Just complete our form and we will send you a quote or a general cost overview.

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