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Music Mastering

You’ve put a lot of inspiration and hard work into your creation, which is why we respect your achievement and are excited to learn more about it. After that, our music mastering can carefully take things to the next level.

Our mastering engineer applies his art and a little magic to transform your mixes into a convincing master. Together, we create a music product that your label can successfully work for and that will reach your audience.

Our Music Mastering transforms your unique music production into an outstanding music product

First, we elevate your music mixes to edits with the best possible sound. Furthermore, we also shape your individual tracks into a complete work with a uniform character and a striking dramatic effect. The result is a production master that boasts outstanding sound and exceptional technical accuracy, making it perfect for vinyl record cutting, CD production or digital distribution and streaming.


Our recording studio features room acoustics that were meticulously planned using scientific methods and implemented by experts in architectural acoustics. Our customers enjoy the wonderfully inspiring and neutral recording environment we’ve created – and so do we. Our reference grade acoustics ensure that your production will sound as consistently good in listeners’ living rooms as it does in our studio.


We work with a wide range of outstanding analogue and digital audio technology, and we know how to use our tools down to the last detail. We implement a customised set-up for each individual project that’s designed to produce the best sound for the music material in question. In this manner, our music mastering specialists can lend each production its own special flair just by combining our various high-end recording technologies in the right manner.


Our sound engineer has a wealth of experience and therefore knows how to get the most out of your creation – for example by correcting tonal imbalances and issues and bringing out your production’s strengths in the final recording. Indeed, our sound engineer sharpens the aesthetic message of the entire work in line with the intent and mission of the artist. The result is a musical work of art that is at once natural, beautiful and powerful, and has a corresponding effect on those who listen to it.

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