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Music Mastering

Everyone involved is sure to have put a great deal of inspiration and hard work into the music production. That is why we take an open and respectful approach to every project. Our music mastering carefully and thoughtfully elevates your work to the next level.

With our artistry, expert knowledge and sometimes a little touch of magic, we are able to transform music mixes into a masters that artists and record companies will appreciate. Together, we will create a musical product that is capable of reaching its audience.

How we turn your production into a product

We can transform your meticulously and artfully crafted mixes into arrangements with the best possible sound. Going further, we will then bring the individual pieces of music together to form a complete work with a cohesive sound and an effective dramatic structure. Once our work is done, we deliver exquisite-sounding and technically accurate production masters that are optimised for record cutting, CD production and digital distribution.

Perfect studio acoustics | Music Mastering

Our mastering studio offers excellent room acoustics, planned out using a scientific approach and constructed by architectural acoustics experts. Our clients relish the wonderfully inspiring and neutral listening environment we have created – as do we. But more importantly, these reference acoustics ensure that your production sounds as good, and just as coherent, in listeners’ living rooms as it does in our studio.

audio technology with charisma | Music mastering

Our large arsenal of outstanding audio technology includes cutting-edge analogue technology based on classic designs and powerful state-of-the-art digital technology. Each piece of audio equipment has its own unique character, which is why we design a custom processing chain for each mastering project that promises the best possible improvement in sound quality. Combining the high-end equipment at our disposal allows us to give your production its own individual touch.

sound engineering expertise | Music mastering

Thousands of singles and albums have been carefully honed in our studio. Working on these projects has allowed us to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience. This enables our sound engineer to have a clear idea of everything that is still achievable for your project. He understand the necessary techniques and knows how to use his equipment to turn this vision into a reality. Sometimes he makes sweeping changes, although more often it is about the subtleties. However, every move he makes creates value for your work.

Prism Sound MLA-2 mastering equalizer | Music mastering at Master & Servant
Prism Sound MLA-2 mastering equalizer | Music mastering at Master & Servant

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