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Artful audio mastering completes your work

The arrangement and the recording capture the artistry of your work. This is where the music production comes into being. The next stage, the mixdown, creates balance and symphony. Here, the form and structure of your work take shape. And the third component is our audio mastering, through which the music gains tone and strength. This step-by-step process has a long tradition in music production because it has proven itself to be successful. Bring your production to a successful conclusion with high-quality audio mastering.

Audio mastering creates value

Only very few recordings are already so coherent after the mixdown that the audio mastering is simply a matter of a few cosmetic changes. For the majority of productions, important artistic and technical decisions still need to be made.

There is good reason to hold back until this point; no other stage of the production process can compare to the mastering in terms of the significant improvement in sound quality that can be achieved with comparably little effort. As a well-known mastering engineer aptly put it: ‘The painting is already hanging in the gallery – but we are the ones who turn on the lights’.

The financial outlay invested in high-quality audio mastering thus yields a decidedly more valuable product. Of course, successful music producers and label managers are already well aware of this − but for some, it may be a useful reminder. Because no matter whether you are an old hand or are just starting out, we can do a lot for you with our audio mastering.

Audio mastering generates tonal power

To truly understand your work, we first examine why the mixes sound the way they do. Our wealth of experience allows us to quickly gain a clear idea of what can still be achieved for the production in question. With our artistic skills, knowledge and the tools available to us, we have the resources to make this vision a reality.

We smooth out any tonal weaknesses in the individual pieces and emphasise their inherent strengths so that all the tracks end up with a similar tonal radiance. In a second approach, we hone the coherence and aesthetic expression of the album as a whole. Such improvements are always made in accordance with the artist’s vision and their mission.

The listener will have very little idea of how much work it took to create this level of sound quality. In the end, our production will sound ‘completely normal’ to them. Which is praise indeed because it means that your music has now truly come into its own, displaying its inner beauty and tonal power.

Our audio mastering adds charisma

What would a skilled artisan be without their tools? We have acquired a lot of sound technology over the years, and we had to let some of it go again. What remains is a large arsenal of our favourite tools: technology that we like to work with – and which, it sometimes seems, also likes to work with us..

Our toolbox is well-stocked with both cutting-edge analogue technology based on classic models from the past and today’s powerful digital technology. Each tool is in itself a piece of exquisite technology with its own characteristic tone. But it is only when used together in the right combination that our sound devices can produce a sound that is truly spellbinding. This is the sound on which our success is based.

Audio mastering increases reach

We never work in a way that is inconsistent with the artist’s vision, and we rarely diverge from the unwritten laws of musical genre. Nevertheless, we have to master the delicate balancing act of focusing in equal measure on the expectations and listening habits of the target audience. To do otherwise would lower the chances of success. In addition, the technical conditions within which a piece of music is to function, and indeed the typical listening environment, must be taken into account. After all, a techno fan listens to music in a very different context to a lover of classical music.

Mastering enhances content

We employ artistic sensibility, technical dexterity and market knowledge to transform a loose collection of unfinished and differently sounding tracks into a work with an impeccable sound, a well-defined character and an effective dramatic structure.

This process of optimisation and transformation matters because sound, uniqueness and a lasting impact are three of the hidden ingredients that go into creating a musical product that is truly moving. A product that the record company can promote effectively and which your audience will love all the more because of these attributes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Solid audio mastering with an outstanding sound
  • Use of top audio technology
  • Perfect studio acoustics ensure neutral sound
  • Resident engineer with many years of experience
  • Commercial focus due to renowned international clientèle
  • Affinity with indie music culture
  • Expert advice for musicians, producers and music companies
  • Professional experience in all music industry segments

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