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Audio Mastering

With arrangement and recording, you capture the art. The music production is created. Next, with the mixdown, you create balance and symphony. Your work takes shape and structure. And the third link in the chain is our audio mastering. Now your music gains sound and power. This procedure in music production has a long tradition, because this workflow is good and very successful.

Our audio mastering creates value

Only very few music mixes are already so balanced and consistent as to require only a tiny bit of polishing in the subsequent mastering process. For most productions though, a series of important artistic and technical decisions need to be made in the mastering studio.

There’s good reason for this, since no other part of the music production chain offers the possibility to achieve the type of significant sound enhancements that can be implemented in the mastering stage with relatively little effort by comparison. As one well-known sound engineer once said: “The painting is already hanging in the gallery – but we’re the ones who turn on the lights”.

An apt audio mastering creates a decisively more valuable product with economic effort. This is nothing new to successful music producers and music labels – but it may be a piece of useful information for some. So, regardless of whether you’ve been in the game for a while or you’re just starting out, we can find a solution for you.

Audio mastering produces sound power

A wealth of experience allows us to have a clear vision of what is still achievable for your production. Our art and science provide the necessary methods to realize this vision. Once we have a good overview, we set the compass for the following sound work.

We smooth out tonal imbalances of individual tracks and bring out each track’s inherent strengths, thereby lending the album as a whole a uniform, compelling effect. In addition, we sharpen the aesthetic expression of the entire work. Sometimes subtle, sometimes daring – always in line with the artist’s mission.

Most people who listen to your production will have little idea of how much work went into achieving the perfect sound for your music. In other words, our mastering makes your music seem “totally normal” to listeners, which actually means that your music now sounds completely natural, beautiful and powerful.

Our audio technology has charisma

What would an artisan be without their tools? We have procured a lot of equipment over the years, some of which we had to get rid of. What remains is a large number of our favourite tools which we like to work with and – judging by the results we achieve – also seem to like to work with us.

Our tool cabinet includes top analogue technology in a classic design and powerful state-of-the-art digital systems. Each and every machine is an exquisite piece of equipment that yields it’s own characteristic tone. Bit it’s onyl in the right interaction, we can achieve that intriguing sound. It is the sound with which we have success.

Apt audio mastering increases reach

We always conduct our work in line with the artist’s vision – and we rarely violate the “unwritten laws” of the musical genres. At the same time, our job involves performing a balancing act, as we also need to focus on the expectations and listening habits of your target group. Ignoring these aspects puts your success at risk. We also need to take into account the technical listening conditions, as well as the typical listening situations, and then make adjustments accordingly in order to ensure your music has the desired effect. After all, techno fans listen to their music in a context that is quite different from that of classical music lovers.

Our audio mastering refines your content

We use our creativity and technical expertise to transform a loose collection of unfinished music tracks, each with their own particular sound, into an outstanding work with a uniform character and a striking dramatic effect.

This is important, as sound, character and effect are actually the hidden ingredients for a consistent and impressive music product, one that your label can market successfully – and which your audience will love even more because it possesses such attributes.

your benefits at a glance

  • Audio masters with outstanding sound
  • Hi-end audio technology
  • Perfect studio acoustics ensure neutral sound
  • Resident engineer with many years of experience
  • Commercial focus due to renowned international clientèle
  • Affinity for indie culture
  • Expert advice for musicians, producers and music companies
  • Our team has professional experience in all music industry segments

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