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Audio Restoration

We make your cherished old audio recordings sound great again. Whether you’re planning to release these recordings or remaster them – we analyse your recordings in detail and restore them using our professional approach and high-end equipment. We can convert recordings from old media into modern formats, digitise analogue magnetic tapes and digitally transfer audio from either historical or modern vinyl record formats. Our audio restoration also eliminates flaws from damaged audio and removes any and all types of noise and interfering signals.

We save your archive

Many master tapes were digitised for the first time when compact discs came on the market. This was done with first-generation analogue-to-digital converters with a 44.1 k sampling frequency and a lossy 16-bit word length. These days, we are able to retain the full analogue richness of the recordings by converting them to high-resolution audio.

In any case, the time has definitely come for all tapes from the analogue era to be digitised or re-digitised because every year they aren’t is a year in which they lose more of their original udio quality. One should also keep in mind that magnetic tapes were not made to last forever. Indeed, professionals are repeatedly surprised by how long the good BASF and AGFA tapes, for example, have lasted up until now.

We digitise your master tapes

Before we even think about playing an old tape, we check its physical condition and playability. This allows us to avoid unnecessary risks such as tape abrasion or de-lamination. After that, we clean the tape surface, repair any deformations and rebuild damaged adhesive areas. Thermal treatment may also be necessary in rare cases.

We use extremely high-quality reproduction equipment to play the tapes – in most cases a Studer A80 tape machine with state-of-the-art audio boards. We also have the original decoders needed to decode all historical noise reduction formats. After all the preliminary steps have been completed, we use highend analogue-to-digital converters to digitise the audio and create a high-resolution recording.

We transfer vinyl record content

We professionally clean vinyl records before we transfer their content. This actually accomplishes a great deal in terms of sound quality. We then play the record on a high-end turntable, whereby an extensive range of pick up systems ensures the correct reproduction of modern and historical record formats such as stereo longplay, mono microgroove and 78 rpm shellac records. We amplify pickups using an amplifier specially manufactured by Lejonklou and convert the recording to HD audio. Software is then used to equalise the sound along the phono response curve that has been decided upon.

Audio Restauration | Tonabnehmer


We restore all types of audio content, and we eliminate undesired sound portions when we transfer records and digitise tapes. Such sounds can include crackling, crunching, hissing, distortions, ground loops and other noises. We also clean up interviews, reports and background scene sounds in film and video productions. In addition, we remove redundant audio, repair artefacts and eliminate undesired ambience. We do all this with the outstanding programs available from Sonic Studio, Cedar Audio and TC Electronic.

Use of audio restauration

  • High-quality restoration of historical recordings
  • Elimination of noises on audio tapes
  • Correction of azimuth errors in audio tape recordings
  • Removal of crackling, hissing and rumbling noises from records
  • Repair of digital artefacts and drop-outs
  • Elimination of ground loops
  • Refinement or elimination of background scene sounds
  • Clean-up and editing of interviews and reports
  • Elimination of room and background noises
  • Audio services for scientific and forensic applications

A wealth of experience with audio restauration

We have extensive expertise in audio restoration: Back in 1993 we began operating one of the first Sonic Solutions NoNoise suites in Europe, which has since become something of a legend. Since then, we have transferred, repaired and improved audio recordings in hundreds of projects.

Our restoration work covers everything from shellac records from the 1920s to historical speeches recorded in the 1930s and early rock and roll recordings. However, we have also prepared a large number of more modern vinyl productions for new release in cases where the original tapes no longer exist.

your benefits at a glance

  • Digitisation of magnetic tapes
  • Vinyl record transfers
  • Conversion from historical audio formats
  • All types of audio repair work
  • Clean audio sources for remastering or release
  • Extremely high-quality reproduction equipment
  • Use of the appropriate special software
  • 30 years of experience with professional audio restoration

Get a quote for audio restoration

Does your audio recording not sound the way it should? Feel free to tell us all about yourself or your artist(s), the nature of your project and the circumstances surrounding your music production. Your personal views and ideas are also very important to us, as they allow us to become better acquainted with your project. Just complete our form and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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