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Audio restoration rescues, repairs and enhances

No matter whether they are historical, old or current – we can go through your recordings with a fine-tooth comb and get your cherished audio treasures (back) into shape. If you are planning a direct release or need a clean source for mastering, we can expertly recondition your recordings and solve any existing audio problems. We can convert old formats, digitise analogue magnetic tapes or transfer audio from historical or modern records. Our audio restoration will free your recordings of errors, noise and any unwanted sound components.

We save archives

Many analogue master tapes were digitised for the first time after the introduction of the CD in the 1980s. This was done using suspect first-generation digital converters at a slow sampling frequency and with lossy 16-bit word width. Today, we can use high-resolution audio to preserve the full analogue splendour of your recordings, with a 100% accurate and future-proof conversion.

So it is high time to digitise all your analogue-era tapes, whether it is for the first time or not, because otherwise your valuable recordings will lose audio quality as the years go by. Remember that magnetic tapes were not made to last forever. In fact, the experts are amazed at how long the good BASF or AGFA tapes, for example, have actually lasted. Rescue your tape archive!

We digitise master tapes

Before we even think about playing an old tape, we first check its physical condition and playability. In this way, we can avoid unnecessary risks such as tearing, tape abrasion or even delamination. If the tape is okay, we clean its surfaces, repair any deformations and restoring tape slices. In rare cases, a thermal treatment is required before any further work can take place.

We use top-quality reproduction technology for the reproduction of the recordings, in particular a Studer A80 with new sound heads and modern audio cards. We have the original decoders available for decoding all historical noise reduction formats. At the end of the analogue chain, we digitise to high-resolution audio using reference-class analogue-to-digital converters.

We transfer audio from records

Sometimes the old master tapes can no longer be found. If that is the case, the only option is a high-quality recording from a record. Before the transfer, we clean the record intensively, which is the first step in preserving the sound. We then reproduce the record using a calibrated high-end turntable. A whole arsenal of pickup systems is available for the correct scanning of modern and historical record formats such as stereo LP, mono micro groove or 78 shellac. The pickup signal is amplified via a Lejonklou phono preamplifier and converted to HD audio using a Lavry Gold converter. Finally, we use software to match the recording to the selected phono curve.

Various phono cartridges | Audio restoration at Master & Servant

We repair all kinds of audio content

We can repair and restore damaged or contaminated recordings of any kind. For example, we can remove unwanted sound components such as clicking, crackling, hissing, distortions or direct current from record audio or digitised tapes. In video and film production, we can clean up interviews, reports or sound-of-the-scene by eliminating interference, unwanted ambient noise or redundant audio. To solve these and many similar problems, we use the appropriate expert software from Sonic Studio, Cedar Audio or TC Electronic.

Uses for audio restoration

  • Improvement of historical recordings
  • Elimination of noises on audio tapes
  • Correction of azimuth errors in audio tape recordings
  • Removal of crackling, hissing and rumbling noises from records
  • Repair of digital artefacts and drop-outs
  • Elimination of DC current and AC ground loops
  • Refinement or sound-of-the-scene
  • Clean-up of interviews and reports
  • Elimination of room and background noises
  • Audio services for scientific applications

We are audio restoration experts

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of audio restoration; as early as 1994, we opened one of the first − now legendary − Sonic Solutions NoNoise suites in the country. Since then, we have repaired, restored and improved audio from hundreds of projects. Our restoration work ranges from 1920s shellac records and original 1930s recordings of contemporary speeches to early rock and roll productions from the 1950s. But we have also transferred and professionally restored countless modern productions from vinyl record or magnetic tape ready for a new release. All this experience benefits your projects because it means that we already know how to solve most audio problems.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Audio restoration solves audio problems
  • Digitisation of magnetic tapes
  • Vinyl record transfers
  • Conversion from historical audio formats
  • All types of audio repair work
  • Clean audio sources for remastering or release
  • High-quality reproduction equipment
  • Use of the appropriate special software
  • 29 years of experience with professional audio restoration

Get a quote  for audio restoration

Are you unhappy with the sound of your audio? Tell us more about the artist, the work, the nature of the audio problem and the technical circumstances surrounding the production. Please use the attached form, and we will give you our initial assessment of how we may be able to help.

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