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CD Masters

Many music lovers these days tend to listen to individual tracks and also like to explore all different kinds of music styles. Then there are others who believe that albums are the highest musical art form. Indeed, an LP consisting of ten or 12 tracks that together create a coherent artistic whole is as much of an icon in pop music today as a four-movement symphony in classical music. The compact disc is the digital home for the traditional album, and we believe that’s a good reason for us to produce inspiring CD masters.

We make your album a work of art

Our approach to mastering involves a standardised process: We smooth out tonal imbalances in your tracks and bring out each track’s individual strengths. We thus enhance the effect of your production as a whole and sharpen the aesthetic message of the entire work. In other words, we take your music to a higher level.

The key artistic challenge with CD mastering is to go beyond the improvements to the individual tracks to ensure that your work has an unmistakeable album sound. After all, a consistent album sound is one of the most important ingredients for success.

Our sound engineer has the skills needed to establish a common thread, so to speak, that will unite the various sound patterns in your individual tracks. In other words, our sound engineer transforms a loose collection of music tracks, each with their own particular sound, into a smoothly flowing work with a uniform character and a striking dramatic effect.

We produce CD masters that are optimised for disc production

The creative part of CD mastering ends when the artist, producer and record company are happy with the result. Now the technical work begins.

First, we define the exact content for the final compact disc, and we also program into the CD the type of technical performance you want it to display when it runs on playback devices. After that, we create optimal production masters for this.

A production master that’s accurate in every detail

We place the tracks in their final order for the CD and fine-tune loudness, digital audio glare and breaks. It’s also possible at this stage to eliminate any remaining errors or interfering noises that might be discovered. Once the content is in its final form, we encode the necessary control data and metadata for your compact disc. Then we convert our final version into a data set in the Disc Description Protocol (DDP).

This DDP is your dedicated CD master. The only thing left to do now is to perform a series of test routines that the DDP needs to pass. These tests include the final check, which involves listening to the production master at a stimulating sound level of 85 decibels. After that, we transfer your project’s production master along with the technical documentation to the pressing plant server – and then on to success on the music market.

Error rate 0.0% CD Masters

Customers are sometimes in a hurry to approve a CD production – but they need to be careful because errors in CD mastering can have negative consequences later on. We therefore remain on alert for any and all types of errors. Still, we can happily report that, from among the many thousands of CD masters that we have delivered to pressing plants over the last three decades, we have never received a single complaint about any of them relating to technical issues. We ourselves are somewhat shocked by this statistic.

All of your benefits at a glance

  • CD masters with great sound quality
  • Consistent album sound
  • State-of-the-art technology ensures exceptional sound quality
  • Experienced sound engineer
  • Professional quality control for masters and the final product
  • Error-free CD production masters
  • Our production masters meet all specifications
  • Technical communication with your pressing plant

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Your music production is unique, so feel free to tell us all about yourself or the artist, the nature of your project and the circumstances surrounding your music production. Your personal views and ideas are also very important to us, as they allow us to become better acquainted with your project. Just complete our form and we will send you a quote or an initial overview of what we have to offer.

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