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Katja Kühn

▶ media manufacturing


Katja’s talent for developing the right solutions for every customer, offering them appropriate advice and taking complex production processes into her − relaxed − stride was evident early in her career. Even while still a business administration trainee, she was drawn to her company’s sales department and enjoyed getting to know its lively clientele.


Katja gained further valuable professional experience as a recruitment agency manager, where she was responsible for developing relationships with B2B customers. This was followed by several years as managing director of a retail company, during which time she acquired a broad gamut of commercial expertise.

Label Work

Katja’s move to Hamburg catapulted her directly and without warning into the heart of the music industry. As a management assistant at a leading indie label, she accidentally suffered an overdose of the music business. A return to normal life was out of the question.

Making Media

Katja joined Master & Servant in 2004. Inspired by the free-spirited and creative atmosphere of the company, it was not long before she took over the management of the media manufacturing department. She then immediately set about completely turning the department’s business around and reorganising the range of professional services offered to corporate clients.

To this day, she puts all her passion and energy into her work. Katja’s extensive expertise in media manufacturing makes it easy for customers to place their trust and production planning in her hands. Katja is one of those professionals who loves her work − and she derives great pleasure from the creation of beautiful media products.

Tom Meyer

▶ mastering studio

Thinking outside the Box

Tom is a sound engineering specialist. But one who can see the bigger picture, which is rather rare in his somewhat geeky profession. This may be why his professional career thus far resembles a panoramic hike through the vast landscapes of the music industry.

Producing Music

Tom’s apprenticeship as a sound engineer took place in what was then an analogue world. At that time, Lexicon’s wickedly expensive reverberators were the only pieces of digital equipment in many studios. Tom learned the basics, the day-to-day work and later the finer points of sound production, graduating from making coffee to proper drum miking and then on to four-handed mixing.

Distributing audio media

The next step consisted of eight extremely colourful years as a division manager at Germany’s most influential independent music distribution company. Tom also worked as an independent label operator and music publisher. This was followed by a particularly exciting interlude as a music exporter in a German-Japanese joint venture dedicated to the distribution of European music products in Japan.

Mastering Music

Tom subscribes to the philosophy that life is too short to allow yourself to get bored. He became a co-founder of Master & Servant in 1993 and began working there as a mastering engineer. And indeed, he has retained his passion for audio mastering to this day.

Even after working on 3,700 albums and countless singles, Tom still takes great pleasure in his work. More than 500 of his productions have made it into the charts in Germany alone, but even more important to him are the many indie classics that have been shaped by his style.

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