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About us

We are in the business of manufacturing media – we produce vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, for example. We also manufacture high-quality printed products and media packaging for all analogue and digital storage media. We offer you integrated strategies and problem-solving approaches for all matters relating to media production and ensure smooth operations in all production stages, starting with preliminary work and ending with the final product. (About us)

Our mastering studio, which enjoys a great reputation around the world, is equipped with outstanding audio engineering systems and delivers top-quality sound that leads to success on the market. We offer you our artistic and technical expertise in all aspects of audio production, and we create perfect production masters for records, discs and digital distribution.out us

Mastering house

Master & Servant was established as a mastering studio by a small group of independent media professionals in 1993 in Hamburg. Back then we were one of the first studios in the world to create production masters on a desktop computer in a complete workflow. It didn’t take long for us to become number one in Hamburg, which at that time was the music capital of Germany – and three years later we were already serving a well known international clientèle.

Today, we operate a recording studio for post production with top-class, state-of-the-art systems and equipment. Our music mastering services include high-end audio processing for all applications and the creation of production masters for vinyl record cutting, CD production and digital distribution (including social media).

B2B agency for media manufacturing

Our Media Manufacturing division was established 20 years ago and is now the focus of our operations. This division is mainly responsible for manufacturing records, optical discs, printed products and media packaging. All of our products are created in an integrated workflow with an industrial partner that we trust and have been working with for decades.

Among other things, this allows us to manufacture merchandise needed on an ongoing basis by an established group of customers. Our main customers are independent music labels and media companies, but musicians and independent producers who market their own productions also turn to us for reliable support. We also act as a consultant to art institutions, industrial companies and government authorities on all matters relating to music production and the production of data storage media.

Our achievements


Year established

We’ve learned a lot about media and music mastering in the three decades we’ve been in business, and today we are happy to apply our expertise wherever it’s needed


Satisfied customers

We are straightforward and we don’t shy away from voicing our opinions openly. That’s why both artists and music executives place their trust in our hands



We have mastered so many recordings and manufactured so many records and discs that we can safely say there’s not a challenge in the industry that we haven’t faced and overcome at least once at some point

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